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I make things that live on the internet.

I'm from Birmingham, Alabama

I live in New York, New York



Who am I?

Hello! I'm Cameron McDonald. I am a creative front-end web developer. I create and build things that live on the internet. My workflow involves the usuals like: HTML, CSS/Sass, Javascript/jQuery. I know Grunt and Gulp task running systems. I'm currently living in Birmingham, Alabama. Away from the computer I enjoy hiking and camping. If you have any other questions feel free to contact me on Twitter or Github.

What I can do for you.

Do you own a small business? Are you a church leader? Do you need help updating your old website? Are you looking for something new or fresh? I'm the guy for you. I am currently looking to expand my portfolio. I can help you from start to finish. From the initial design to the final full working webpage. I can help you find a domain name and hosting. I can promise your web page will be built from the ground up. I would also love to work in a design shop.
Here is my resume.

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My Work

Here are some of the things I've made.

GitHub // \\ Codepen
Woodstock Pretzel Company

This is a mock site for my friends business. He travels the country to different music festivals selling fresh pretzels. Check him out on Facebook.
My plan for this site is to add a tour date type section so people will konow what festival he will be at. Also I would like to add a gallery to the page.

Le's Nails

This site was made for a local nail salon. My friend worked there and thought a web presence would bring more in business.
My plan for this site is to redesign and better incorporate the gallery. I'd like to add it in the middle of the page.

Central Alabama Paintball

This is a mock site for a local paintball field I used to play at. They are currently using a Wordpress powered site.
My plan for this site is to redesign from the ground up. Make it a multipage site. I want to the landing page the same but, change the sections to have their own page. I'll have to redesign the navigation for this and make a header.